Normal Service Due dates

At the time of delivery, every vehicle is provided with a service Tag/ card which spells out the service schedules in terms of mileage and all contacts in case of any emergencies.

  • When your vehicle is due for service, we encourage you to call or email our customer care services desk to book in your vehicle.
  • The service adviser will then ask test questions to try to understand and examine what need to be done o your vehicle.
  • A Job card will then be raised and a mechanic assigned to your vehicle.
  • Normal Services assignment will take approximately 1-2hours.

Emergency Procedures

If there is an on-the-road emergency with your Vehicle, the driver will call the Customer care on the provided hotline and request assistance. The customer care will determine the required assistance and communicate to the Service adviser and dispatch a team for rescue mission.

Record keeping

All maintenance records are kept in the CMSL MOTORS Head office. The workshop Manager keeps financial records of repairs. The Service adviser keeps all daily inspection reports. The Service Advisor maintains the mileage of each vehicle as reported on the daily driver logs. The Service Advisor triggers the oil change notice. Vehicle records are kept on each individual vehicle. Records contain all maintenance tasks performed, vehicle miles and vehicle maintenance cost. Currently, both manual and computer records are utilized.

Warranty Recovery

CMSL Workshop office works with the mechanics from the Highway Department and the Authorized service centers for CMSL MOTORS to ensure that the cost of parts and repairs on warranty covered items are recovered. Failed Components Parts and components that have failed prematurely are sent in for repair.

Return to manufacturer/vendor Authorization

For warranty return and labor claims, are obtained from the manufacturer or vendor. The item is then returned to the vendor after examining the eligibility of the warranty.

Our service promise on repairs and maintenance.

Our service promise is to be fair, sensitive, honest, trusting, and trustworthy in all our dealings among ourselves, our customers, our vendors, and with the community at large.

We will obey all the laws in the Territories where our businesses operate; we will always support our customers, in every situation, to the best of our abilities.

We will continue to embrace the latest repair and vehicle technologies to provide knowledgeable and up to date repair processes in order to keep our customers vehicles running in a safe and reliable state.

Our team members will operate with the highest level of integrity and we will continue to build our reputation, through our service promise, our community involvement, and our commitment to the environment.”Buy Quality, Buy Performance and have value for your money.